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Торговая марка D3 принадлежит корейской компании Edge I&D, одному из мировых лидеров в области 

We are D3 a brand from Edge I&D. We are a global leader in the design, manufacture and innovation of Interactive Flat Touch Screen Displays (IFTDS). Through our knowledge and practical solutions we provide touch screen and digital signage technology to our users in both business and education. We are based in Seoul, South Korea, a global technology hub. This allows our company to stay innovative, informed and nimble. It also allows us to maintain the highest quality standards within the market. Quality and innovation truly are the hallmarks of our reputation.

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We believe that some of the greatest ideas are sometimes the simplest. Technology that provides a simple solution to an intricate problem is at the core of what we do. We provide our clients with practical advice, Interactive Flat Touch Displays (IFTD) and lasting solutions. Our flat screen technology simplifies the complicated.


We want to inspire. We believe that the world should be a truly inspiring and interactive place to live, work and learn. We manufacture and provide cost effective touch screen technology that blends reliability, high performance and cutting edge design to our users worldwide.


Innovation is our core belief and it is at the heart of everything that we do. As an organization we firmly believe that we are better together. Value, commitment and worth are instilled in our company ethos. Our organization cultivates innovative and forward thinking people. We provide our clients and trusted partners with quantitative, as well as qualitative value.